Hach Taro

Hach Taro Final

About a year ago, I translated a collection of local folk tales for a coworker and even did about 18 full illustrations for the book. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will ever see the light of day, but I’ll be posting some of that work here and there as I buy time while creating the banners and other content for this blog.

This was a story about a local whale that was revered as a god. One day, a group of actual gods told the whale that if he made a pilgrimage to Ise Shrine, he would become a bona fide god himself. There’s also some famous spear hunter in-between Hach Taro’s hometown and the Ise shrine, so Hach Taro communicates to him in a dream and warns him about the journey. Something along the lines of, “Hey dude, I’m going to become a god. Please don’t throw a spear at me if you come across me.” What do you want to guess happens?


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