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My workmanship wasn’t particularly good in this picture, but I was just really happy to be able to say that I finished memorising Uncial today after a bit over a month’s amount of work. I find this font particularly difficult to write because the pen needs to be held at about 5 degrees. As far as I know (since I have no formal training) that means I have to hold my arm in a really uncomfortable position to write – with my elbow basically packed in tight into my rib cage.

I have been slowly making my way through some alphabets since the winter and have learned Foundational, Carolingian, and Gothic. Each day, I basically learn one new character, practice all of the letters in that alphabet up until that character, and choose one other font at random and write all of the alphabet in either majuscule or minuscule. One other fun exercise to really help internalise the differences between lettering styles is to go through the letters of the alphabet and write, for example, all of the fonts of A you know, then move onto B and so on. I do that from time to time just to test myself. I only know a few fonts so far, so it’s not terribly hard right now, but I can imagine it will get ridiculously difficult as I go on.

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