Shodo 7/13/2016


This is my first day of practice done with my new brush. My last one pooped out on me from having chunks of dried ink stuck deep in its hair. Seems no matter how thoroughly I wash these things, they give out faster than I’d like…

This calligraphy is in a style called “Reisho” which, according to Imiwa on my iPhone, is a “clerical script (ancient, highly angular style of kanji). I see. That probably doesn’t mean much to anyone not involved in shodo, but there are two things (I know of) to watch out for here: 1) The kanji will all be squat and fat, and 2) All strokes begin with the brush coming in from the opposite direction from wherever the stroke is supposed to be headed. So if the stroke goes from left to right, you actually have to start it coming in lightly from the left. Finally, I guess I’ve noticed that the horizontal strokes end at a pretty characteristic angle as you might be able to tell.

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