Shodo 9/22/2016


I have another ranking test in kana this month. If I pass this I will join the ranks of the Dan finally. This probably won’t be the one I turn in but I thought it looked a little interesting with a really saturated brush. The downside is that some of the strokes don’t start out as sharply as they should.

2 thoughts on “Shodo 9/22/2016

  1. Looks pretty good to me. I’ve been plodding along for two years now, and finally reached 4 kyu. So I’m really jealous of your proximity to dan (in a totally supportive and actually kind of inspired… jealous… way). Good luck! hope you pass.


    1. Thanks for the message! I just found out today that my kanji got bumped up to pre-Dan this month, too.
      I guess it all just comes down to consistent practice. For the first year I did shodo nearly every day for about 2 hours. These days with the increasing focus I’m placing on my art along with the wife getting a part-time job, I haven’t had that luxury unfortunately, so I feel like my actual progress is stagnating.
      Meh, I’ll find the time again one day.


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