News 10/11/2016

Things have been moving along in terms of my self-study of art. I was working on light and shadow for a few days and realised that I needed a stronger foundation in perspective. I’d learned the basic one and two-point perspective that you find in tutorials on the internet, but I started to realise that that wasn’t enough. Why did everything in my picture face the same direction? Why did you put the vanishing points where you did? I couldn’t really find a satisfying explanation for those questions, so I picked up two books on perspective. One was a pretty thorough theory book, which I’ve now finished, and the other was a more practical one with exercises. I really enjoy perspective drawing because it appeals to my obsessive compulsive nature, but it can get confusing for me really easily. After I get to a decent level of ability, though, it’s back to tone study.

As a result of all this study and working on two comics I haven’t really had any time to work on regular pieces of art like I had been. Unfortunately, this week will be the first time since starting this blog that I haven’t had an update for the art section! I hope the other content will be able to make up for that.

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