Shodo 12/15/2016


15 thoughts on “Shodo 12/15/2016

  1. When you write your kana, do you have to follow the example exactly? My sensei and group has us write very precisely (maybe because I am still pre-dan?). Anyway, when I read yours, it looks like you have some freedom to write as you like. Am I wrong?


    1. The kana section of our shodo society usually says that you can change the composition as you’d like. It’s not 臨書 so it doesn’t matter I don’t believe.
      In this work I actually changed ゆ to a different variation because I couldn’t make out the example and I hadn’t learned the ゆ that it was using before. I imagine different teachers have different preferences for their students but mine has always encouraged me to try out different stuff with kana (though I never really have the balls to try o.O)
      But also, how can you tell I changed anything? Are you using the same text? I actually try to copy these kana as accurately as I can lol. That one character was literally the first time I’ve ever changed anything.


      1. How did I see it? I got the eye, my friend, I got the _eye_
        But seriously, you didn’t write 臨書, and the amount of ink seems pretty consistent throughout the piece. When I write my 臨書, I have to ensure that I run out of ink at certain points in the piece. So that’s what made me think so.

        I think that I have to write in 臨書 because I am still below first dan. Can I assume you are above shodan?

        I honestly had no idea that you had changed the ゆ at all.


      2. I’m actually 準段 right now.
        Yeah, I’ve been working on the whole running out of ink thing but pretty unsuccessful at it. Even in regular kanji work or hansetsu it’s something I’ve got in mind as I write but I just can’t seem to get it to happen.
        I don’t know what to say about whether or not I’m technically doing 臨書 but it doesn’t have 臨書参考 written at the top and I’m pretty sure the 見本 is not of a classical piece of work, but maybe a modern person’s interpretation of the classic.
        Also, I don’t have an explanation as to why but for all my kana we just press our inkan, we don’t sign our name like when doing kanji or saiji. I have no explanation for that though.
        It can be a bit difficult to understand what my teacher is saying so some of these smaller details are beyond me.


      3. I hear that. I decided to give up kanken 準一級 study because it was taking 4-5 hours out of my day and making it hard to be around people and have decided to reinvest the time I’ll gain back into shodo when not with my family. So hopefully I’ll be able to get at least 2nd 段 before moving back to the states next August. My teacher seems pretty confident about that but as you said, gotta put in the work.


      4. Yeah, I know that going beyond the daily use ones isn’t exactly the best use of my time but I really love kanji. Been in love ever since I picked up Heisig’s RTK years ago as well as my boxes of whiterabbitpress kanji cards. Ever since I’ve enjoyed being literate. After JLPT I was looking for the next challenge and I guess I gravitated towards kanken because it really let me flex my kanji muscles. Level 2 was pushing uselessness and Pre 1 has been mostly esoteric stuff you wouldn’t run into unless reading more classic stuff. They’re kind of like glorified spelling tests at this level. That being said, I feel like the daily use kanji have a semi-arbitrary split from the upper level ones and there are a few hundred of non-daily use ones that you see everywhere. I don’t know about the current 常用 list but even 亀 used to not be on that. 鼠 and 兎 aren’t but look how common they are. I guess though the upper level study isn’t the most important aspect of Japanese, it’s got *some* good points to it.
        However I think I was just doing it out of pride which is never a good thing.
        That being said I’m still kind of looking for a way to further my Japanese but I guess I just need to spend my time reading and writing more : /


      5. What’s your main occupation by the way?
        Any advice on pushing yourself after becoming 上級?
        I’ve kind of felt like I’ll never be a super-gaijin after years of continuing to study post JLPT


      6. Although that partly comes from me having terrible self-confidence so it’s partly likely that I’m underestimating myself a teensy bit. But still, I definitely ain’t super-gaijin level.


      7. I manage a logistics center in RL, so my days are all Japanese all the time. I am satisfied with my Japanese level probably because of my practical use of it.

        I actually learned most of my kanji when studying mandarin, so I never read the books you mentioned. As to advice, I dunno if I am qualified, since I never took any formal tests. I just feel happy that I understand what’s going on around me, and I can say what I want.


      8. I have no idea what that means but it sounds impressive.
        I guess if that’s all it takes I should be satisfied but I guess I crave for something more. Some kind of validation or some perfection impossible to attain. Maybe I need to just give myself a break…


  2. Hey there, I can’t send you a picture through WordPress as far as I know but I was looking at the kana section of this month’s materials and it says 文字変換・散布自由 so that’s one mystery solved lol


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