Flourishing 12/29/2016

This was my first attempt at a bird flourish on my own, and (quite obviously) my first attempt at using a dip pen. A couple weeks ago I bought a noodler fountain pen with a flexible nib in the hopes that I could make the dynamic and flexible lines you see in authentic flourishing but honestly I’ve been disappointed. The pen requires a lot of strength to open the nib and that gets in the way of creating smooth lines. And even then, the nib doesn’t open all that much. So I did a little more research and found that I’ve had the answer all along sitting in a Calligraphy set my father bought me a year ago but I had never investigated thoroughly because it wasn’t the flat-tipped italic nib I had imagined all Calligraphy to be: the dip flexible nib. So I decided to give it a try and I love it. Has a great deal of elasticity for those long dynamic lines, and does really good detailed hatching. I think the ink I have takes a bit too long to try so I experienced smudging, and my son woke up from his nap and decided to give me quite a few taps on the arm which resulted in mistakes and blotting until I finally gave up and quit before finishing, but all in all I can say I’m in love with dip pens. One thing I’m a bit disappointed in is that I had hoped to use the dip pen in my new moleskine notebook for 2017 to journal with, making use of Spencerian cursive’s cool look when you have a flexible nib, but the darn thing bleeds through like crazy. And honestly it’s not all that comfortable for regular writing, so I guess I shouldn’t feel too disappointed. Oh well. I did get a book on copperplate so I hope to make more use of this type of pen in the new year. 

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