Pen Grip Drills

I probably won’t have time to do it all every day, but for now the tentative practice regimen I’ve developed – from the warmup section of that ornamental calligraphy book I’ve been using – is doing a page of these per pen grip a day. I’ve decided to learn a proper grip for my fountain pen writing (Spencerian grip) as well as my fine-brush writing for shodo (I’ve somehow made it this far with a regular wrist-to-paper grip so far), and continue refining my flourishing grip. 

It’s embarrassing to go back to having awful handwriting, but I’ve made myself a promise to not write anything with my gnarled eagle-grip and anchored wrist anymore and will bear the discomfort until I get used to the proper way of writing. I guess it’s good I already sent out all of my holiday cards. 


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