Spencerian 1/24/2017

Today I bought this new notebook and I have to say it’s one of the best I’ve ever had. As the name suggests, it’s truly premium. The pages open up fully with ease, the pen runs on the surface smoothly, and best of all, the ink doesn’t bleed through to the backside of pages, so I can make use of every little space it has. At 12 bucks, it was on the expensive side, but I’d say it was worth it. Looking forward to some practice!


Speaking of which, I did a page of Spencerian Gs, and towards the end decided to experiment with making the minorscules a bit larger than I had been. Until today I had been struggling to make use of shading with them because they were small and my control isn’t that great yet (or at least I think that’s the issue). As expected, writing them larger helped me express both the thin and thick lines where appropriate.
Then I thought I would try H majorscules doing the same thing. It was quite enjoyable as making the movements larger allowed me to use much fuller arm movement. The lines, while still shaky, were much less so.
I wonder if nib size has anything to do with my minorscules being difficult to shade at small sizes, or if it is simply a matter of experience and skill.

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