Spencerian 2/18/2017

Just some more of this week’s Spencerian practice. I have finally learned to write numbers in a style fitting for cursive! Now I will start doing more practice of words as finally combinations of majorscules and then probably try and then try and learn more flourishes from examples of famous penmen of the past. If all goes well I’ll try and start learning bird flourishing again once I’m satisfied for that. I have many many hours of work ahead of me.

Also, for anyone interested I’ve been learning from “At Home With Artistic Penwork,” a fantastic series (better than the Spencerian workbooks in my opinion) that you can even find on iBooks. Please check it out and throw a couple of bucks their way if you’re interested. Book one is business cursive which will really improve your writing with ball and fountain pens and teach you the basic cursive that they don’t really teach in school anymore. Book two teaches what I’m currently working on which is ornamental cursive and requires the use of (oblique) dip pens. The remaining three books deal with card writing, design and flourishes.


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