Shodo 2/21/2017

I had some really good news today. My teacher messaged me to tell me I’d been promoted to 1st Dan in kanji. 

I think I’ll save my feeings on that for when I get the actual certificate but for now I’ll say that I’m not as impressed as I’d like to feel. I talked to some of my students at a school that I work who have shodo experience and 2 of my favorite 8th grade girls are ranked way higher than me. They’ve been at it for about 3 times as long as I have so it’s not surprising, but I did some practice in the afternoon in cursive script that has a certain stroke that’s killer for me and tried some kana with the thing brush (and both look awful) and it really struck home the fact that the 1st Dan is just as the ranking might imply – it’s the first actual step on the path to mastery. I’ve so far to go that I feel I’ve only just learned to tie my sneakers and locked the front door before heading out. 

2 thoughts on “Shodo 2/21/2017

  1. Congrats, Bofu ! And don’t sell yourself short. Shodan is a big deal. Eighth graders aren’t in the same category as adults. When they graduate high school,they don’t keep their Dan. At least in my Shodo society.

    Take a moment and recognize your accomplishment. It might not feel momentous because you’ve reached it incrementally. But it _is_ the result of a lot of work over a long time. Happy for you, really.


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