8 thoughts on “Shodo 3/6/2017

      1. And that is what I do, too.


        My sensei just told me that if you want to rank up then you should grind your own. And with kana, you only need to do a little bit. Consider this, a relative newbie like myself can tell if you used the canned stuff. So the powers that be can see it even more.

        I’m testing up in April, so this is kind of relevant. I’ve been slowly, incrementally, improving. But I never took the tests, just did the monthly submissions. So this time, I’m taking all the extra tests, buying the better brushes (good advice, thanks), and using the all the hints that sensei will give.

        Seriously, for kana, just a dab will do you. Check it out next time.


      2. I appreciate the advice! But, I am a real lazy bastard, lol. Portability is a huge deal for me because I do the majority of my writing at different locations throughout the week. To give you an idea, I even filled one of my empty inkwells with india ink so I can practice with a fine brush on the go, lol. I get that there might be a different quality depending on wether or not you use ground ink or not, but I also realise there are a lot of other factors I don’t know a lot about, for example: paper quality and water to ink ratios. For the time being I’ve decided to focus on the actual technique of writing and see how far that can take me. My teacher seems to be a proponent of bottled india ink, and I’ve ranked up this far doing so, so I don’t really feel the need to introduce grinding into my regimen just yet. Plus, if I start going down that route I will want to learn everything about inks and papers because I’m obsessive compulsive, and I just don’t want to think about it right now.

        That was a lot of different reasons to say that, yes, I’m interested, but it’s not the time for that just yet.

        But thanks! I’ll keep it in the back of my mind. And knowing me, now that you’ve planted that seed in my head it’s going to start growing there for a while.

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      1. The big lack of variation comes from the fact that I’m using a brush pen o.O
        But it does give my lines a nice crisp feel.

        On a related topic, have you heard of something called 露鋒 and 蔵鋒?


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