Penmanship 7/23/2017

So I bought some new nibs to try out, the Zebra G, 10 nibs for 9 bucks. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I’m really happy with them. Last few nibs I bought to experiment with ended up being too scratchy or just really stiff. I’ve been using the Hunt 101 for the majority of my writing, and they’ve got a really nice thick line, but getting a good hairline is near-impossible for me. They also aren’t very scratchy which ends up being important. 

But this new Zebra G has an incredibly thin hairline and glides over the page. The only real issue I have is that the broad-stroke doesn’t really compare in any way to the Hunt 101. I’d I could find a nib that had the best of both worlds I’d be so happy. For now, though, this was a good find and will be my go-to nib for the time being. 

All-in-all, my penmanship has been slowly improving over the past few months. I’ve practiced 2-3 hours nearly ever day and my lines are getting smoother and more accurate on the whole. Switching to this finer nib makes my errors all the more apparent, but I guess it’s good to have a reminder of just how far I go. 

Also, I moved this weekend so I finally had to toss “the stack,” which totaled 631 pages, 2.4 kg when I threw it away earlier this week. That was all the work I’ve done since January 1st this year when I started my penmanship practice. Pretty crazy. Pretty crazy to think of how much of that time I wasted with poor technique. And even crazier to think of how many more pages there are to go. 

But I’m excited to keep on moving slowly towards mastery. 


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