News 8/3/2017

Well, I have finally finished my job at City Hall. Hard to believe I’ve worked as an ALT for 9 full years. It’s even more difficult to imagine life after such a long stretch doing basically the same thing day in and day out.

But here I am. We’re still waiting on my wife’s visa (as well as the whole “health care” situation to fully settle) before making the move back to the U.S., so in the meantime we’ve moved into my in-laws’ place. The transition has been difficult but not impossible. The real difficulty has been thinking of ways to make money, though. More specifically, thinking of ways that will make money while fulfilling me. At first I considered doing online translation, and I’m at least qualified to work on now, but after a lot of soul searching I realised that I wouldn’t feel very fulfilled. Yes, it’s something I can probably do, but that doesn’t mean I should just jump in and do it I guess.

So, I asked my wife if I could have one month to completely screw up. By that I mean I have a month to pursue making money doing art. Honestly, even that’s really difficult for me to work out how to do, but for the time being I’ve been setting up SNS accounts for my friend and my site, You may or may not have realised that The Ballad of Cawnye is a joint effort between Matt Smith and myself. We’ve been working on a dedicated site to our cooperation called, The Co-Op Kids for a while, but I have only recently had the time to start putting in some serious effort. I guess my main goal for this month is to get the site looking pristine and then research and implement ways to monetise it.

That being said, if any of my readers could throw a dollar or two to our Patreon, or even give us a like and a share on tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter, it would help me out a lot.

Sorry for the shameless self-promotion and thank you for reading as always.


One thought on “News 8/3/2017

  1. I have been on an unintentional WP sabbatical…just too spent with my day job and walking walking walking (I am easily addicted to different things such as exersize, beach glass hunting and writing…). And I’ve been a lazy reader too. So I’m catching up!

    Wow big changes! Are you job hunting? Do you have your resume put together? If you would share I’d like to see it. Having a family you are probably going to have to do a job that isn’t perfectly YOU, but honestly you can do it.

    Before I returned to the US after my second stint living there someone gave me a tip on a job at an automotive parts manufacture in my home state…a Japanese company. I called from Japan and was able to talk to the VP. He was good with my Japanese language skills and offered me a job right away. That was in 1997 and I made 32k to start.

    Now all Michiganders have an affection for automobiles and my dad was a GM tradesman, so although I had no experience in the industry and was more of a nature-lover/philosopher in my heart, I went into the gig thinking I could make it. And I did. I actually found philosophy in that job and every job since. Literally I make logical arguements and formally solve conundrums for a living. I’m no longer an interpreter or in automotive, because one thing led to another– and here I am still working along making three times as much.

    What I’m trying to say is that although I never wanted to be a career woman or be stuck in a damn cubicle office etc., but I had to make a living and take care of business I adapted. There are few perfect jobs; but you can get a rather mundane job and make it yours. Having assimilated to the Japanese culture for a time, I am a pretty unique worker actually with a particular style that is useful in many situations. I encourage you be a bootstrapper get out there. And yes, if you are willing send me your resume if you are willing as we sometimes have ideas/connections that fit. Sometimes. Bonsai


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