Airplane Sketches 9/10/2017

So as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been going through the book How to Draw. I have been working on learning the techniques for building objects in perspective and finally felt comfortable enough to try moving onto the next chapters. A VERY eye opening idea the author presented is the importance of building a visual library that can be pulled from when drawing. And I had never thought about it, but if you don’t have that internal visual reference, it’s impossible to draw something inspired. I’m on a section about drawing aircraft and, to be honest, I’ve almost never drawn a plane in my life. And that goes for so many other things too. So I’ve decided to start trying to build that library, start learning more about the world, and practice drawing from references. For now I’ve set my sights on learning planes, which has been pretty time consuming. I’ve watched a few documentaries on YouTube and have spent about 2 hours a day the past day sketching from pictures I pulled off of google. Unfortunately using the tiny pics on my phone keeps me from getting good visual detail, but I’m at least starting to get a feel for the important shapes of planes. I need to do a lot more of this kind of work before I start coming up with ideas of my own, I think, but at least it looks like I’m headed in the right direction. 


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