Shodo 3/8/2018

Well, it’s been quite a while since I posted. To catch you up quickly, I moved back to the states with my wife and children back at the end of December and have been living with my parents and looking for work in that time. I recently found a job and we’ll be moving up north this coming Monday. There’s a lot of steps between this moment and us all sitting at a dinner table in a place we call our own, so I’m feeling more than a little stressed. Not to mention having to learn a new job and fit into a new work place. That being said, it’s an exciting time for us as we’re so close to a new life – something that we started our first steps towards back in summer 2016.

Shodo has been a bit more slow going than I had hoped since the move. My mom suffers from sever obsessive compulsive disorder and doing ink-heavy things in the house is frowned upon. The one time I tried she watched me like a hawk from start to finish. Not ideal. Everything I’ve gotten done has been on occasions she’s asleep or out of the house, two rare occurrences. This is not to mention getting my work to my teacher at a reasonable price means I need to have things in the post by the 15th of each month. Not ideal.

Oh well, once I have my own place I can at least practice more so I’m excited to have a desk of proper height and the comfort of not having a crazy person watch me as I work.

Oh yeah, I did make 2nd Dan in Kanji this month so yay.


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