News May 11, 2017

Hi there, It has been a long time since I’ve made any significant updates to the blog and I imagine that at least a few of you might be wondering what’s up. Honestly, I’ve just been busy. Last month I was able to get my first Dan in kana for shodo, which was very nice but I have been pouring a bit more of my energy into my penmanship than anything else. I made it to the end of my second ornamental penmanship book when I realized that I wasn’t very happy with the level of skill I had acquired. … Continue reading News May 11, 2017

News 11/4/2016

For the past few weeks I’ve been on vacation with my family, and then my dad came to visit from America, so my schedule has been out of whack and I haven’t had a lot of time near my work desk. I almost exclusively do calligraphy when I’m visiting a school or going to lessons, and since I’ve only had a few days at work I’ve not been practicing much. When not at work my family has had a monopoly on my time. It’s been great to see them as much as I have but it’ll be nice to have … Continue reading News 11/4/2016

News 10/11/2016

Things have been moving along in terms of my self-study of art. I was working on light and shadow for a few days and realised that I needed a stronger foundation in perspective. I’d learned the basic one and two-point perspective that you find in tutorials on the internet, but I started to realise that that wasn’t enough. Why did everything in my picture face the same direction? Why did you put the vanishing points where you did? I couldn’t really find a satisfying explanation for those questions, so I picked up two books on perspective. One was a pretty … Continue reading News 10/11/2016

News 9/29/2016

Yes it’s hard, but there’s no hesitation now. Only certainty. I had a moment this evening when hanging out with the wife and kids where I remembered exactly how it was I pushed myself to go from being helplessly unable to pass the 2nd level of JLPT to getting the highest level in a period less than two years. How I transformed myself from a goalless, directionless lump to the motivated (yet admittedly unsuccessful) person I am today. It was actually the memory of an ex-girlfriend of mine. I dated a girl in college who was as motivated as I … Continue reading News 9/29/2016